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Re: Common Lisp packages for lenny

Luca Capello wrote:
Hi there!

A small update now that all the RC bugs in Common Lisp packages have
been solved (and at least ten days passed since the lenny freeze).

I'm here asking for freeze exceptions for "only" four packages:
common-lisp-controller, ECL and CLISP and cedilla.

common-lisp-controller_6.17 was uploaded on Jul 27th, the very same day
as the lenny freeze [1].  The differences between the version in lenny
(6.15) are only DebConf translations update:


CLISP is in a strange situation: after it was removed from testing, I
tried to solve all the FTBFS bugs, but the one appeared on s390 was a
bit too harsh and resulted in dropping s390 at least for lenny [2].
However, it seems that the s390 buildd tried anyway to build
clisp_2.44.1-4, which is wrong [3].
Together with that, while the powerpc package for clisp_2.44.1-4 was
built fine [4], it didn't get installed, which prevents CLISP to migrate
to testing and thus also cedilla (which depends on CLISP [5] and has
already a freeze exception).

You have to file a removal bug for the s390 binary still in unstable. I gave the package back on powerpc.

ECL is a bit more complicated: 0.9j-20080306-4, uploaed on Jul 7th, has
never been tried to be built on arm and s390 since then.  ECL has
already a freeze exception, so should I directly contact the arm and
s390 buildd maintainers, instead?

ecl given back on arm and s390.



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