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Please accept proftpd-dfsg 1.3.1-13 for lenny.

Changelog as follows with proper additional comments.

  * Modified proftpd.conf template to fix AuthOrder syntax.
  * Removed supefluous comments in model templates.

	These are non essential changes to predefined templates
        just to avoid complaints about a wrong syntax and
        possibly confusing <if> directives. I consider the
        changes sort of documetation changes indeed, because
        directives are commented out.

  * [PATCH] New patch pam_auth.dpatch, previuously overlooked :-(
        PAM authoritative configuration not honored fixed.
        See http://bugs.proftpd.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2986
    (closes: #493265)

	This patch has security impact: without it user can still
        have access even if denied by PAM, based on specific
        local configurations.

  * [PATCH] New patch mod_ldap.c.dpatch
    Fixes two major problems which render mod_ldap unusable on
    64bit archs and causes serious breakage when URLs are used
    for LDAPServer configuration. See #3097 and #3046 on proftpd bugzilla.
    (closes: #491719)

       This is a RC bug, definitively fixed by a couple of 
       patches which render LDAP layer now usable.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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