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Re: heimdal

[Steve and Russ, please search for your name below.]

* Brian May [Sat, 02 Aug 2008 11:55:53 +1000]:

> Hello,

Hello Brian, I've been meaning to mail you for some time, and this mail
of yours is the perfect excuse!

The issue I wanted to mention was related to this:

> Version 1.2.dfsg.1-1 which was in unstable until recently:
>    * Fixes the non-free RFC documents issue.
>    * Was in unstable for over a month with no problems detected except
>      #492427 <http://bugs.debian.org/492427>.
>    * Not sure why it didn't get into testing, although I am somewhat
>      curious now. The release critical bug wasn't filled until rather
>      late (about the same time as the freeze).

The problem is that version of heimdal bumped the SONAME of one of the
libraries, namely libkrb5-24-heimdal -> libkrb5-25-heimdal.

Nowadays it's really encouraged that any SONAME bump is checked with the
release team first. The release team needs to be notified anyway in
order for to the new package to migrate, because it needs manual
hinting, so we take chance and ask that this notification is done
*before* uploading to unstable, in case there may be conflicting ongoing

We didn't receive any notification about heimdal 1.2.dfsg.1-1 (neither
before, not after), so nobody was aware action on our part was needed...

The reason I wanted to mention this to you is that some months there was
another similar, uncoordinated transition, and that one did really
entagle itself with other transitions at the time, if I recall correctly.

So, bottom line: we'd appreciate if you could coordinate with us in the

As for the freeze exception, since 1.2.dfsg.1-1 was granted an automatic
exception (because it was in unstable in time), plus together with
1.2.dfsg.1-2 it fixes RC bugs in testing, then yes, it can migrate.

> Version 1.2.dfsg.1-2 now in unstable:

>    * It fixes (at least it looks fixed to me) the release critical
>      issue with versioned library symbols not working (#492427)
>      <http://bugs.debian.org/492427> and also adds debconf translations
>      (#491767). <http://bugs.debian.org/491767>
>    * I solved this by overriding the configure check to always return
>      true, because I believe all Debian platforms support versioned
>      symbols.

>    * It would be good if I could get somebody to independently verify
>      that the versioned  library symbols really are working (it looks
>      good to me).

Yes, I agree it would be good. I'm CCing Steve Langasek and Russ
Allbery; I think they have the required knowledge to do the checking,
and hopefully can donate a bit of their time for this. (Many thanks in

>    * Unfortunately every package that is linked against the buggy
>      Heimdal libraries must also be rebuilt, I am not sure how to
>      arrange this though.

I'll take care of that once I get an ack that the version in unstable is
indeed good. After all the rebuilds are done, I'll migrate heimdal and
its reverse dependencies to testing.


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