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Re: Fwd: Please schedule binNMUs for openal -> openal-soft transition

* Adeodato Simó [Tue, 29 Jul 2008 00:13:56 +0100]:

> Hello. Most of the binNMUs succeeded. I'll give you tomorrow a list of
> the ones that failed and need attention,

Hi again.

hugs98, supertuxkart and torcs all failed on powerpc. This makes me
suspect that something is wrong with the chroot, or that the powerpc
packages of a common build-dependency has a bug.

If somebody could try to build these three packages on powerpc and see
if they fail the same way or not, that would be a good start.


Rhonda (powerpc porter, CCed), if they don't have access to powerpc,
maybe you could lend a hand if you have the time? Please coordinate.


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