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freeze exception for ocaml-inotify 0.7-1


I known that you won't accept a new upstream version, but I would like
to explain why ocaml-inotify new upstream version is not a real one.

The main problem with ocaml-inotify is a "potential" bug when building
ocaml-inotify source package on a system with an installed version of
ocaml-sqlite3. The package try to remove sqlite3. If the build is done
by root, the removal will succeed...

This bug is fixed by upstream in its new release.

The rest of the release is in fact patches that I have submitted. These
patches are already applied to the 0.6-1 debian package. 

Changelog from upstream:
0.7: some buildings fixes by Sylvain Le Gall, and few others fixes

The "few others fixes" is about the bug explained above.

Changelog from package:
* Remove patch 01_nogcc, 02_META and 03_ocamlopt which have been
  applied upstream
* Prevent removal of ocaml-sqlite3 in the clean process

Since v0.7 of the package is only about integrating changes done for
debian and fixing a potential bug, I think it is possible to unblock
this package.

If it is not possible, sorry for the noise and thanks for your work.

Sylvain Le Gall

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