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Re: Fwd: Please schedule binNMUs for openal -> openal-soft transition

* Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> [2008-07-30 02:08:00 CEST]:
> * Adeodato Simó [Tue, 29 Jul 2008 00:13:56 +0100]:
> > Hello. Most of the binNMUs succeeded. I'll give you tomorrow a list of
> > the ones that failed and need attention,
> hugs98, supertuxkart and torcs all failed on powerpc. This makes me
> suspect that something is wrong with the chroot, or that the powerpc
> packages of a common build-dependency has a bug.
> If somebody could try to build these three packages on powerpc and see
> if they fail the same way or not, that would be a good start.
>   http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/package.php?p=hugs98
>   http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/package.php?p=supertuxkart
>   http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/package.php?p=torcs
> Rhonda (powerpc porter, CCed), if they don't have access to powerpc,
> maybe you could lend a hand if you have the time? Please coordinate.

 I already downloaded the sources and started to build them. hugs98 is
currently in the works, will keep you all updated.

 Thanks for the offlist copy,

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