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Re: Small library transition: libcupsys2 -> libcups2

* Martin Pitt [Fri, 23 May 2008 10:34:43 +0200]:

> Hi release team,

Hello Martin,

> There are only two handfuls of reverse dependencies, and I provide
> transitional packages. I will coordinate the rebuilds. However, I
> would like to let you know upfront, and possibly discuss any
> objections you might have.

You provide a transitional package for the libcupsys2 library (yay),
which means that transitioning this to testing will be completely
painless (because there'll be both libcupsys2 and libcups2 in testing,
and rebuilt packages will migrate as they become ready).

So, because of this, no problem from us to proceed, with the following

  * Regarding libcupsys2-dev, 7 packages have a *versioned*
    build-dependency on it, which means 7 RC bugs (since libcupsys2-dev
    has no transitional package, only a Provides). If you'd agree to
    file them, and NMU after a while the unfixed ones, that'd be great.
    If not, maybe a transitional package would be better?

  * Since I guess your intention is for all the libcupsys2-dev
    build-dependencies to eventually disappear, will you be doing a mass
    bug filing at a low severity? If so, I think we can skip doing
    binNMUs at this stage, since many packages will need an upload for
    this anyway. Later on, when all uploads have happened, we can binNMU
    the remaining stuff.


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