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Re: Bug#474632: Bug #474632: josm: Should not enter testing

* Andreas Putzo (andreas@putzo.net) [080524 15:37]:
> when i opened this bug there was an upcoming Openstreetmap Web API release 
> under development but it wasn't clear when it will be ready and if the API
> will stay compatible. That's why we decided to keep josm out of lenny
> until some more information was available.
> It's now confirmed that the API will indeed be incompatible but chances
> are good that it will be deployed in june which would mean some weeks
> left for testing josm and maybe ship it with lenny.

In that case, josm should be allowed to enter testing now, so that we
can already exhibit (most of) josm some more testing.

Of course, it would be helpful if the old Web APIs could stay around for
~2 years - which could be done by having converters for the old vs new


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