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Re: Small library transition: libcupsys2 -> libcups2

Hi Adeodato,

Adeodato Simó [2008-05-24 17:06 +0200]:
> You provide a transitional package for the libcupsys2 library (yay),
> which means that transitioning this to testing will be completely
> painless (because there'll be both libcupsys2 and libcups2 in testing,
> and rebuilt packages will migrate as they become ready).

I actually don't like this, but since we do not have versioned
Provides:, I'd immediately break existing reverse versioned
dependencies without one.

> So, because of this, no problem from us to proceed, with the following
> remarks:
>   * Regarding libcupsys2-dev, 7 packages have a *versioned*
>     build-dependency on it, which means 7 RC bugs (since libcupsys2-dev
>     has no transitional package, only a Provides). If you'd agree to
>     file them, and NMU after a while the unfixed ones, that'd be great.
>     If not, maybe a transitional package would be better?

Right, I'll provide a transitional package.

>   * Since I guess your intention is for all the libcupsys2-dev
>     build-dependencies to eventually disappear, will you be doing a mass
>     bug filing at a low severity? If so, I think we can skip doing
>     binNMUs at this stage, since many packages will need an upload for
>     this anyway. Later on, when all uploads have happened, we can binNMU
>     the remaining stuff.

I intended to file bugs for doing that transition, since it's less
than 10.



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