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kildclient_2.7.0-1, Rebuild against latest libperl5.10 fixes #480499, i386 m68k

    I'm the maintainer (but I'm not a DD) of the KildClient package,
which uses libperl. Recently a new version of the package has been
uploaded to the archive. However, for some of the architectures (the
ones in which the build started first, as it seems) the package was
build with version 5.8 of libperl, but for others it was built using the
latest version, 5.10, as can be seen from
http://packages.debian.org/sid/kildclient .

    However, libperl5.8 and libperl5.10 cannot both exist simultaneously
because both depend on different versions of perl-base. Thus the
packages that depend on libperl5.8 are not installable once Perl is
upgraded to 5.10. There is even a bug report about this (#480499), even
though it was reported against the version currently in testing (Perl
5.10 is only in unstable).

    I've built the program against libperl5.10 and saw that it works
fine, no changes to the program are necessary, nor to the debian
package. The only thing I need is to request a rebuild of the package
from source for i386 and m68k.

(I'm not subscribed to this list, please CC me if this gets replied.)

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