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Re: Bug#477331: cairo bug workarounded at d-i

Am Donnerstag, den 08.05.2008, 14:02 -0300 schrieb Otavio Salvador:
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> Hello RM team,
> We've added a workaround at d-i to the cairo's bug #477441 to avoid to
> delay the installer release. This issue is really serious from Debian
> Installer point of view and we'd like to get it fixed as soon as
> possible.
> I've sent a follow-up to the bug (here in CC) asking for the directfb
> backend changes to be reverted to the latest working code _but_ to
> wait until we release Debian Installer Lenny Beta 2 for the upload.
> With that in mind, I'd like to ask for the cairo unblock.
> I'll keep in touch with cairo maintainer and GNOME team to get it
> done.

Ok, now that cairo is in testing I'll upload a new cairo on Monday or
Tuesday that reverts the broken DirectFB code. Fine with you?

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