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Re: Moodle and IBM-3270 in Lenny?

On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 1:35 AM, Stephen Frazier <stevef@doc.state.ok.us> wrote:

> Two packages that I use in Etch are not currently in Lenny. They both have a
> latter release in NEW that hasn't migrated to Lenny. They are Moodle
> (1.8.2-1.2 in new and 1.6.3-2 in Etch) and IBM-3270 (3.3.7p2-1 in new and
> 3.3.4p6-3.3 in Etch).
>  Is there anything I can do to help get them into Lenny?

Moodle looks unmaintained:


So, fix the 2 RC bugs, initiate the procedure for MIA maintainers
documented in the developers reference and possibly take over the
package. If you do take it over, please get rid of all the embedded
copies of external code (see the RC and wishlist bugs).

ibm-3270 looks to be suffering from the fact that non-free is not
autobuilt. So, contact the non-free buildd maintainers about getting
it on the autobuild whitelist:




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