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Re: please unblock libpcre3-dev

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> "Anibal Avelar" <aavelar@cofradia.org> writes:
>> Hi.
>> I'm the mantainer for subtitleeditor.
>> The latest debian release 0.20.0-3 has a problem with the
>> binary package libpcre3-dev that is part of source package pcre3
>> but pcre3 is in freeze; please unblock pcre3 from 7.4-1 to 7.6-2 on testing.
>> I need it because subtitleeditor depends on libpcre3-dev >= 7.6-2 but
>> testing has 7.4-1, and subtitleeditor has a RC bug in lenny,
> No objection from d-i POV.




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