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Please coordinate changes to debconf templates

(reply to -devel, please)

Days have arrived where Debian developers and maintainers are putting
their packages in shape for lenny. That is Good.

Among those are all these tiny changes made to packages are the
various fixes for trivial issues you ignored up to now, from lintian
(which got dozens of new checks since Etch, did you know?). That is

Among those are the various warning about writing style in debconf
templates (use of first person, interrogative form for
select/multiselect, no sentences in notes "titles"). Maintainers are
tempted to fix those. That is Good.

Then, they upload fixed packages. That is Bad...:-)

Please consider, when modifying debconf templates, to use the very
shiny tool named "podebconf-report-po", from the po-debconf package. It
allows maintainers to send out "call for translations" to translators
who have incomplete work *and even* send out calls for new

One recommended use for that is:

cd debian/
podebconf-report-po --call --languageteam --with-translators --deadline=`date -d '+10days'`

(see 'man podebconf-report-po' for more and more options...The above
will send both a call for updates to existing translators, CC'ed to
translation teams AND a call for new translations to debian-i18n, with
a 10 days translation update "window", which is the minimum we need)

PS: Don't tell me that this should be (more) documented in the
DevRef...I know..:-)


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