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Re: Proposed release goal for lenny: Switch to dependency based boot system

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I am aware of this, but believe you do not have to worry as much as
> you do.  As far as I can see all of your problems originated from the
> lvm2 script missing headers, and my bad decision to drop override
> files for packages with headers in unstable, while forgetting to make
> sure those headers were also making it to testing before the new
> version of insserv.

Sure, I'm aware of all that. However, that does not take away my general
impression that insserv is not stable, mature and tested enough to be
promoted to the default mechanism.

You've done a huge amount of work on this, and I for one appreciate that.
But IMO insserv needs a bit more time and development before we can trust
our whole distro to it.

But that's all it is: my opinion. I hope some others who have done similar
testing will speak up as well, so the final decision can be based on more
than just your opinion as maintainer and mine.

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