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Re: [SRM] Update of base-installer

Neil McGovern wrote:
>> This week we had a report (#469030) of a successful installation on a
>> powerpc system, but followed by a failed reboot because D-I had selected
>> the wrong kernel.
>> The fix for that is a trivial one-liner [1] and I'd like to include it in
>> the next point release.
> The patch seems to be missing IBM RS6000 (7026-H70) and IBM pseries 630
> (7028-6C4) as suggested later in the BR. do you want to include these
> too?

The latter was already supported, but I've modified the patch to also
support the first (and fixed it to really support the original one :-).
Patch is still trivial, although I've now also added a testcase for these

Question remains the same. OK if I upload?

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