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Re: Should su-to-root be shipped in a separate package?

Armin Berres <trigger@space-based.de> writes:

> Good question. 
> At least for KDE 4 Apps there is no Problem -- kdesu from KDE 4 is
> always around if kdelibs5 (the KDE 4 libraries) is installed.
> When you have a KDE 3 Desktop kdebase-bin is normally around so kdesu
> should be there.
> What about Gnome?

It's pulled in by gnome-desktop-environment, so not quite as aggressively
as KDE, but it's fairly reliably there.

> Or Xfce? Is gksu installed by default?

Xfce probably doesn't pull in any of the various wrappers, so the default
on Xfce would probably be su in an xterm.

> If yes I'd say programms should simply use su-to-root and not specify
> any dependency like the above at all. I'd also say that packages which
> just depend on a special *su implementation (just gksu and not
> kdebase-bin e.g.) should be considered buggy. There is no reason for a
> KDE user to install gksu and and no reason for a Gnome user to install
> kdebase-bin if there is already a *su implementation around.  I don't
> know how many packages have this problem, but gparted just depends on
> gksu for example. I bet it could also use kdesu, if su-to-root would be
> used.

An exception could possibly be made for things that really make no sense
to run outside of that desktop environment, but yes, I generally agree.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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