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Re: New release goal: using su-to-root instead of *su in desktop/menu files

On Fri, 25 Jan 08 19:00, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> I'm looking forward accepting a new release goal for Lenny:
> using su-to-root instead of gksu/kdesu/etc in desktop/menu files.

What about the dependencies needed to make this possible?
Right now su-to-root is in the menu package, which suggests "gksu |
kdebase-bin | kdebase-runtime | sux". Every package using su-to-root
must therefore depend on something like "menu, gksu | kdebase-bin |
kdebase-runtime | sux". Can't we ease this a bit? Recently a new kdesu
was introduced with KDE 4 and most packages lack the dependnecy on
It would be nice if menu could depend on instead of suggest the above
packages, or su-to-root would be shipped in a seperate package which has
the dependency, or ... (suggestions are welcome).


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