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Re: Should su-to-root be shipped in a separate package?

On Sun, 03 Feb 08 13:20, Russ Allbery wrote:
> > This would have the benefit of making su-to-root OR depend, instead of
> > just suggest, on the several packages which provide a su* wrapper
> > ensuring its functionality.
> I don't think this is necessary.  su-to-root falls back to su if none of
> the other packages exist, and su is essential.  Similarly, under X, it
> falls back to x-terminal-emulator if none of the other packages exist, and
> any X environment should have x-terminal-emulator.

The problem I see here is, that currently a lot of packages which use
su-to-root depend on something like "gksu | kdebase-bin |
kdebase-runtime | sux". Now that parts of KDE 4 are around the
dependency has to be changed to something like "gksu | kdebase-bin
(<<4:4.0.0) | kdebase-runtime". When KDE 3 is no more the dependency on
kdebase-bin can be completely removed and all the dependencies should be
changed sooner or later. Same happens if a new *su alternative is
It would be nice, if we would have a single place to change this kind
of dependency.


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