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Re: Should su-to-root be shipped in a separate package?

Raphael Geissert <atomo64@gmail.com> writes:

> As Armin Berres stated on his message[2] there are some
> dependencies/recommends/suggests that need to be considered first.
> Since su-to-root is currently just a shell script I would your opinion
> on whether su-to-root (and its translations and documentation of course)
> should be shipped in a separate package so making the move to su-to-root
> only requires a Depends: su-to-root which would be shipped as arch: all,
> instead of a dependency on menu which is arch any.

Even better, given the tiny size and the general functionality provided by
su-to-root, could it moved to debianutils?  Then it would be essential and
no dependencies would be required.  If we're going to standardize on it
throughout the distribution (which I believe is the right thing to do), it
makes sense to me to put it there.

> This would have the benefit of making su-to-root OR depend, instead of
> just suggest, on the several packages which provide a su* wrapper
> ensuring its functionality.

I don't think this is necessary.  su-to-root falls back to su if none of
the other packages exist, and su is essential.  Similarly, under X, it
falls back to x-terminal-emulator if none of the other packages exist, and
any X environment should have x-terminal-emulator.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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