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Re: Idea for dealing with transitions

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Margarita Manterola <mamante@fi.uba.ar> writes:
>> Proposal:
>> Implement a new file, that works similarly to the hints file, but that
>> causes uploads to unstable for selected packages to be rejected.  Thus,
>> if a maintainer uploads, it won't get through so that it won't get in
>> the way of the transition.
> Could you elaborate what it differs from Enrico's previous proposal[1]?

Enrico's idea is nice, but rather not workable in real life as it's the
maintainers who start transitions, not the Release Team. The current
proposal would only list transitions that are tracked by the Release
Team: someone of the team has to be available, has to track that
particular transition and bother to get packages rejected for that

> It has been denied from RM team side already :(
> 1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2007/12/msg00125.html
> Personally I like the idea.



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