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Re: Idea for dealing with transitions

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:

> Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> Margarita Manterola <mamante@fi.uba.ar> writes:
>>> Proposal:
>>> Implement a new file, that works similarly to the hints file, but that
>>> causes uploads to unstable for selected packages to be rejected.  Thus,
>>> if a maintainer uploads, it won't get through so that it won't get in
>>> the way of the transition.
>> Could you elaborate what it differs from Enrico's previous proposal[1]?
> Enrico's idea is nice, but rather not workable in real life as it's the
> maintainers who start transitions, not the Release Team. The current
> proposal would only list transitions that are tracked by the Release
> Team: someone of the team has to be available, has to track that
> particular transition and bother to get packages rejected for that
> transition...

As far as I understood his idea, it's the same thing. A single place
that would allow RM team to control dak processing to avoid unwanted
uploads during transitions.

Enrico, have I missunderstand your proposal?

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