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Idea for dealing with transitions

For some time now, one of the things that the Release Team has had to
deal with are complex transitions.  One of the requirements for making a
transition work is that maintainers of involved packages must not
upload.  However, for whatever reasons, some maintainers do upload, and
thus a lot of time is wasted.

Implement a new file, that works similarly to the hints file, but that
causes uploads to unstable for selected packages to be rejected.  Thus,
if a maintainer uploads, it won't get through so that it won't get in
the way of the transition.

I talked about this with Dato and Ganneff.  They suggested the file
should be a yaml file, listing source packages, and the reason for the
blocking (i.e. the transition they are involved in).

Ganneff volunteered to prepare the patch after the format of the file is

So, what do you think about it?

PS: no need to CC me, I'm subscribed.


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