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Re: #379288 release-critical?

Roger L. Hale wrote:
To the contrary, fftw2 depends on libmpich1.0c2, which depends on libg2c0, which depends on gcc-3.4-base, on this end-user machine.

I was thinking of fftw3, not fftw2, but thanks for mentioning this. The MPI libraries in fftw2 should be split into a separate package, since programs linking the serial (or threaded) FFTW libs should not pull in MPI! I'll file a bug report for the fftw2 package ASAP.

(The GNOME packages mentioned earlier in this thread are almost certain to link to the serial or multithreaded FFTW libraries only, in which case they should definitely be encouraged to upgrade to fftw3 upstream.)

(Whether MPICH should be upgraded to gfortran, and for that matter why anyone is still using MPICH rather than LAM or OpenMPI is another question.)


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