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Re: Please unblock mkvmlinuz 30

On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 01:20:44PM +0100, Aurélien GÉRÔME wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 03:47:26AM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:

> > +    + Add dh_strip in debian/rules, because a binary was left
> > +      unstripped.

> > Are you sure this carries no risk of regression?  It's not unheard of that
> > bootloaders care about the difference of stripped vs. unstripped binaries.

> This is not a bootloader, but a user space tool which is used by
> mkvmlinuz. Nevertheless, you are right to ask: I should strip only
> the user space binary, but not the object files used to create the
> boot code. (Actually, I do not know yet whether dh_strip also strips
> .o files, so I will take a look at it more carefully.)


> > Sorry, but from an English language POV this is a regression.  "adds boot
> > code" is correct, "adds a boot code" is not.  "that do not" is equally as
> > correct as "which do not".  "the like" is correct, "the likes" is not.  And
> > "handy to install kernels" has a different meaning than "handy for install
> > kernels", where the original appears to be the correct sense.

> > And btw, it should be "may also come in handy" or "may also be handy",
> > instead of "may also come handy".

> OK, thanks for fixing my English errors. Is the following text
> correct then? (I will commit it to the kernel SVN repository after
> your thoughtful review.)

> This little program takes a PowerPC Linux kernel as an uncompressed
> ELF image file (usually called vmlinux or such) and adds boot code
> and possibly a ramdisk to create a compressed kernel image that can
> be booted directly from Open Firmware, thus eliminating the need for
> a second-stage bootloader such as yaboot or quik. This is especially
> useful on PowerPC sub-architectures which do not have a bootloader at
> all, but may also come in handy for install kernels, netboot systems,
> and the like.

Yes, this looks correct.

> > +msgid ""
> > +"Your PowerPC sub-architecture supports more than one bootloader, please "
> > +"select the one you want to use."
> > +msgstr ""
> > +"A sua sub-arquitectura PowerPC suporta mais do que um gestor de arranque, "
> > +"por favor escolha aquele que quer utilizar."
> > 
> > Sigh... this could be an error in my mastery of pt_PT, but I'm pretty sure
> > "mais do que um gestor" is a mistranslation and that this should be "mais de
> > um gestor", because "mais do que um gestor de arranque" means "your
> > subarchitecture supports more than a bootloader (does)", not "more than one
> > bootloader".  Shame on me for trying to be thorough...

> I will ask the submitter and the translation mailing list. Thanks
> for pointing it out.

The answers from the pt_BR team make it pretty clear that this is ok, so
just the other two issues above seem to need attention.

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