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Re: Please unblock mkvmlinuz 30

This one time, at band camp, Aurélien GÉRÔME said:
> This little program takes a PowerPC Linux kernel as an uncompressed
> ELF image file (usually called vmlinux or such) and adds boot code
> and possibly a ramdisk to create a compressed kernel image that can
> be booted directly from Open Firmware, thus eliminating the need for
> a second-stage bootloader such as yaboot or quik. This is especially
> useful on PowerPC sub-architectures which do not have a bootloader at
> all, but may also come in handy for install kernels, netboot systems,
> and the like.
> Just one question... I believed that it was incorrect to say "for
> install kernels", because I always learnt that in a construction
> such as "for" + verb, the verb should take the -ing suffix. Hence,
> my belief was to fix it by either "for installing kernels" or by "to
> install kernels". Was I wrong to learn that or did I miss something? :)

In this context, 'install' isn't a verb, but an adjective.  In general,
you are correct.  I read the original (and your revised version) as
discussing kernel images used in an installer.

Hope that's helpful.
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