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Re: Erroneous upload of gnome-vfs2 2.16 to unstable

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org> writes:
>  I mistakingly uploaded gnome-vfs2 2.16 to unstable; it bumps shlibs and
>  is incompatible with unstable's bonobo; it's not suitable for etch.
>  First, sorry for this mistake.
>  Second, here are the options:
>  - upload bonobo 2.16 into unstable and upload updates via TPU until the
>    release
>  - upload an epoched gnome-vfs2

First option was already implemented, but for the record, after speaking
about this in IRC:

Using tpu would be an option if only very few uploads of r-deps would be
needed, but we are not that near to the actual release to accept this
for now. Also, we are missing some alpha builds, which will probably
pick up the new gnome-vfs dep when they get done...


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