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Re: [Etch upload/unblock request] sisu-0.48.8-8 fixes

ralph.amissah@gmail.com writes:
> Please unblock sisu-0.48.8-8
> incoming:
> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/sisu/sisu_0.48.8-8.dsc
> This takes direction from ISO 639-2 for language names. It corrects the
> convention used in language naming conventions and if possible, now
> (pre-Etch stable) would be very good to have this fixed (also as a
> result a few document samples have been renamed - Danish using da
> instead of dk)
> There are also quite a few smaller fixes, notably with XML output; and
> with the creation of zipped files of prepared documents (sisupod)

Sorry, but no. This does not fix a single reported bug, and the diff is
too big to review in a few seconds.


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