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Erroneous upload of gnome-vfs2 2.16 to unstable


 I mistakingly uploaded gnome-vfs2 2.16 to unstable; it bumps shlibs and
 is incompatible with unstable's bonobo; it's not suitable for etch.

 First, sorry for this mistake.

 Second, here are the options:
 - upload bonobo 2.16 into unstable and upload updates via TPU until the
 - upload an epoched gnome-vfs2

 Could interested people comment on the feasibility of the first option?
 (especially release team)


PS: I didn't check gnome-vfs2's upload target as it was close to being a
"simple rebuild" upload for experimental/i386 as we don't have a buildd
there.  I suppose I should work on introducing simple debian/rules
checks in our experimental branch to fail when the target dist is
Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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