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Re: [Etch upload/unblock request] sisu-0.48.8-8 fixes

Marc, greetings,
understood, though i will give it a last shot:
[Summary: in the note that follows i propose rebuilding and
resubmitting the package without the 3 renamed Danish
sample files, as this will drastically reduce the diff, at least
two irritating bugs will be fixed though they have not been

(i) the language naming convention is a bug that would be
better to fix before the stable release - the code changes
are small, but this is the reason for the big diff, as 3 sample
documents have been renamed da instead of dk. I could remove
them if that will help.

apart from the renaming of those files the diffs are fairly minor

(ii) the sisupod is a bug because if you run the program with a -S flag,
on a file that is not found, it goes into directory zip mode (instead of
zipping a single file and its associated parts) - which if not intended is
annoying/ inconvenient, this should be reported as a bug (might it help
if i do now)

(iii) the XML changes are things that should have been done earlier,
minor diffs.

if it reassures also the updated version has been run against all test
documents which have been updated, samples found here:

Might it help if i repackage? removing the 3 danish markup samples will
reduce the major part of the diff. (dirdiff might help reassure).

I understand though that it is late and there must be much to do in
finalizing the release... if rebuilding helps, or specifying those as
bugs and closing them - well, give me the chance to do that.

May I resubmit without the three Danish example files? [and i would
mark and close these changes made as a couple of normal bugs] ...
(i guess time will affect your judgment)

sorry for any inconvenience,
best wishes with the release, and thanks,

On 21/01/07, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@ftwca.de> wrote:
ralph.amissah@gmail.com writes:
> Please unblock sisu-0.48.8-8
> incoming:
> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/sisu/sisu_0.48.8-8.dsc
> This takes direction from ISO 639-2 for language names. It corrects the
> convention used in language naming conventions and if possible, now
> (pre-Etch stable) would be very good to have this fixed (also as a
> result a few document samples have been renamed - Danish using da
> instead of dk)
> There are also quite a few smaller fixes, notably with XML output; and
> with the creation of zipped files of prepared documents (sisupod)

Sorry, but no. This does not fix a single reported bug, and the diff is
too big to review in a few seconds.


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