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Re: Please remove Eclipse from Etch

Andreas Barth a écrit :

* Filipus Klutiero (ido@vif.ca) [070118 20:39]:
Andreas Barth a écrit :

* Filipus Klutiero (ido@vif.ca) [070118 18:08]:

407384 <http://bugs.debian.org/407384> back in testing: libswt3.2-gtk-jni <http://packages.qa.debian.org/eclipse> libswt3.2-gtk-jni: undeclared conflict with libswt-mozilla-gtk-3.2-jni
Doh. Nothing of the 3 I suggested was done, and it seems I reacted a few hours too late. So, please remove Eclipse from Etch.
Eh, can you explain me why it shouldn't be enough to let swt-gtk/3.2.1-5
go to testing (which is already approved by Steve)?

Practically, that *should* be enough. However, that RC bug affects Etch now, not just in 3 days or whenever alpha {catches up,starts being ignored}.

THat is true for all RC bugs affecting Etch. And?
And that should answer your question, that's all.

I'm not going to
remove packages now which are fixed in unstable and have a pretty good
chance to migrate to testing. (And there is no way we're going to
release Etch without either having alpha builds available again, or
dropping alpha - I expect the first however.)

This isn't about stable Etch, it's about the current Etch, testing. The fact that stable won't have this bug doesn't change that Debian's most popular product currently has an easily avoidable serious bug.

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