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Re: Re: Can I upload sqlalchemy 0.3.3-2 to unstable? (will you unblock it?)

[CC-me, since I'm not subscribed]

> > reported? No, but python-turbogears users who are using SQLAlchemy
> > (SQLObject is default) and MySQL will need it.
> So this will only affect users of a special, non-default flavour?

TurboGears is moving to SQLAlchemy post 1.0, so I have done some work
on getting it better supported in the Debian package for users who
want to follow the trend even if using a Debian stable package, since
the 0.9 series.

It's important to notice that MySQL is a very commonly used in the
'small web application', which is one of the niches TG and all these
other packages cover, and having it not working would be a bad thing.

> > Please note that there is new documentation.html file in 0.3.2 (1
> > 225 964 bytes!)
> Yes, but that's not the only change. A big diff is, for a freeze
> exception, everything with more than 100 lines of code that were
> changed.

Agreed. In this case, though, looking at the good history of sqlalchemy
in Debian[0], and given that a newer release is already coming out which
contains no significant bug fixes, I'd vote for allowing 0.3.3 in. Of
course I will understand the NMs deciding otherwise, and be happy with


[0]: the only RC bug it had was related to the debian/copyright file
     not being correctly written, which was fixed very quickly, and
     one of the 2 important bugs was the mass-bug-filling for packages
     to update to the new python policy

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