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Re: Can I upload sqlalchemy 0.3.3-2 to unstable? (will you unblock it?)

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> > Piotr Ozarowski <ozarow@gmail.com> writes:
> > > reported? No, but python-turbogears users who are using SQLAlchemy
> > > (SQLObject is default) and MySQL will need it.
> > 
> > So this will only affect users of a special, non-default flavour?

Let me cite Michael Bayer - upstream author talking about 0.3.2:
| Of the biggest importance is a connection pool fix where the "close ()" method
| on "ConnectionFairy" (a humorously ephemeral Proxy) that  returns its
| connection to the pool removes its own reference to the  connection when its
| completed (0.2 was fine with this, somehow it got  whacked in 0.3);  otherwise,
| when its __del__ method is called it  tries to "close" again, issuing a second
| "rollback" on the  connection.  when that connection is already at work in
| another  thread, well, you can figure out what can happen there.

and I'm pretty sure that TurboGears users will use threads with MySQL even with
SQLObject set as default, see Gustavo's mail

Michael Bayer:
| If you're on the 0.3 series in any  production systems, this release should be
| mandatory.

I can report an "important" bug to BTS, isolate the fix and try to upload fixed
0.3.1-3, but almost every line from upstream changelog contains "fix" word, so
I would be very happy if I could upload 0.3.3.

As an addition let me say that there will be no problems with upgrade from
Sarge (SA was introduced in Etch) and that it is really well tested (no
regression - tested with unit tests and by lots of users).

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