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Re: May I upload quilt?

Hi Martin,

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 04:03:59PM +0100, Martin Quinson wrote:
> I have a version of quilt in mind. The main goal would be to solve a FTBFS
> on misconfigured hosts. It mainly appears in chroots, but it could also
> appear on desktops. The fact is that currently, one of the regresion tests
> launched after the build relly on the fact that /etc/mailname or the
> hostname are FQDN. I got bugged 3 times recently about this. #397285,
> #395482, #393985.

> I tryied to upload a patch of mine a while ago, but it wasn't good enough to
> solve the problem. Goswin Brederlow provided a new, working one, in #397285.
> I know we're rather close to the release by now, but the changes are limited
> to the testsuite run after the build. The rest of the package is completely
> unchanged. The package itself is binary: all (thanks, vorlon) so there is no
> risk of strange side effect in rebuild, I think.

> If I'll allowed to do the upload, I'll take the opportunity to fix some
> trivia I didn't had the time to fix by now:
> #386548: quilt: Man page typo: invoqued -> invoked 
> #395447: quilt: spelling errors 
> #396093: quilt: Please add procmail to suggest list 

Please feel free to go ahead with this upload.  It won't hurt to have it in
unstable, even if someone later finds a reason not to include it in etch.

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