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Please consider migrating kernel-package to testing ...

Hi dear RM team,

Please consider hinting kernel-package to move into testing. The current
version in testing is still victim of 391643, which made the built kernel
packages uninstallable with : 

  Missing Required paramater 'Old' at
  /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-2.6.19-rc5-efika1.postinst line 393.

This was fixed in 10.063, but there may be other changes which went into
10.064 and 10.065, but as is the etch kernel-package is unusable, which would
warrant a grave RC bug against it.

I guess you missed this because of the funny versioned thingy ? What would be
the best way to handle such things, add a "found in 10.062" in the bug report
and re-open it ? 


Sven Luther

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