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Re: Very Large Package Set Upgrade, stage 1

Hello Release team,

Here the list of packages removed by aptitude that still exist in Etch:

amarok amarok-engines amarok-xine ardour-gtk bitscope bugsx jackd
libcurl3-dev netkit-inetd

and the following aspell packages:

aspell-br aspell-cy aspell-da aspell-de aspell-el aspell-en aspell-es
aspell-fi aspell-fo aspell-fr aspell-ga aspell-gl-minimos aspell-is
aspell-it aspell-lt aspell-nl aspell-no aspell-pl aspell-pt aspell-pt-br
aspell-sk aspell-sl aspell-sv aspell-tl aspell-ukr 

Please note that the sarge system was setup with the first thousand
packages by alphabetic order (and their dependencies), so packages
starting with 'a' are over-represented.  

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large blue swirl here. 

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