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Suggested hints for packages having udebs

Dear RMs,

Please add the following packages to the testing/hints/freeze file:

Please consider hinting the following packages. They have aged enough in 
unstable and are OK to migrate from a d-i point of view:
unblock console-data/2:1.01-2
unblock dash/0.5.3-4
unblock gnupg/1.4.5-2
unblock iso-codes/0.58-1
unblock sysfsutils/2.1.0-1
unblock thaifonts-scalable/1:0.4.5-1
unblock ttf-dejavu/2.11-1

# Not sure about this one: PTS say it's RC buggy, but I can't see the bug
unblock util-linux/2.12r-15

(sysfsutils not included because of RC bugs)


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