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Package maintainers: please consider freezing your debconf templates now....

(please respect Reply-to to avoid cluttering 3 lists at the same time)

To make the work of the French l10n team easier I do a daily survey of
changes to debconf templates that trigger translation updates needs.

I'm currently seeing changes to 1 or 2 packages *every day*.

Most of these are probably triggerred by maintainers finally paying
attention to lintian warnings and working on the wording of their
debconf templates.

As a consequence, we translators are always running behind you folks,
trying to catchup with your changes...as, of course, you most of the
time upload packages with modified templates *without* warning
translators in debian-i18n and giving them time to update their work.

I understand that this is not done on purpose and that you don't hate

So, please, now that etch release is more and more closely coming,
*stop changing your debconf templates* or do it by warning the i18n
folks before. We can even help you to change templates for typos and
the like *without* breaking your work.

In short, *freeze your debconf templates*....

This is pretty late in the release process but I think that, for lenny
release, I will suggest to the release team to refuse the transition to
testing for packages that failed to follow that suggested policy.


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