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Re: Please allow discover1 to propagate into etch

[Steve Langasek]
> This is definitely on hold until the d-i RM confirms, since we're in
> the middle of releasing the d-i RC1 and I'm not going to do anything
> to jeopardize that :)

Yes, I want someone from d-i to confirm that it can be safely upgraded
in etch.  Anyway, no rush, as long as the change make it into etch.

As I understand it, the discover1 udeb is used in beta3, but not in
rc1, of d-i.  The discover1 deb is still used to configure X.  The
change done to the package make sure discover1 can be installed to
configure X, and later be replaced by discover version to which also
works to configure X, without getting lots of error messages from the
discover1 init.d script during boot.  I have not verified that the
udeb is unused in rc1 myself, so I would like to have it confirmed by
someone who know the current status.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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