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Re: D-I RC1 - release planning - update - freeze over, restrained updates

On Thursday 02 November 2006 11:50, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:
> > There have been some (expected) delays in getting all needed udebs
> > into testing, but they are finally there. No reports of blocking
> > issues, so I've just uploaded the build of debian-installer that
> > should become RC1.
> Will that include m68k? I looked for missing udebs in etch and apart
> from the cryptsetup udeb that should be in etch I think I managed to
> get them all build.

Yes it does, but m68k is one of the arches that I have seen 0 (zero) test 
results from. So don't ask me if it actually installs a working system...

I have also two times reminded people in the "m68k dropped for Etch 
thread" that the installer will need to be adapted if it needs to support 
a separate archive.
Wouter (Yoe) answered to that that he did not think this would get any 
priority amongst the m68k people as they have too many other things on 
their mind currently. Personally I would find that sad, but of course it 
is entirely your choice as porters if you want to invest time in a 
working installer or not.

> If there is anything missing please give me a shout and I will put in
> a rush job.

No, Wouter did the needed uploads.

> > ToDo before Etch
> > ================
> Add linux64 target to i386 isolinux.conf and build image with 64bit
> kernel once the linux-2.6 package adds them again (bug pending).

We have so far never supported this and I'm not sure we'll want to as 
adding an extra target (and thus an extra initrd and kernel udebs and an 
extra kernel for the installed system) would push other important 
packages off CD1. Of course that does not mean you cannot file a wishlist 
BR for it and that we won't consider it.


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