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Re: D-I RC1 - release planning - update - freeze over, restrained updates

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> There have been some (expected) delays in getting all needed udebs into 
> testing, but they are finally there. No reports of blocking issues, so 
> I've just uploaded the build of debian-installer that should become RC1.

Will that include m68k? I looked for missing udebs in etch and apart
from the cryptsetup udeb that should be in etch I think I managed to
get them all build.

If there is anything missing please give me a shout and I will put in
a rush job.

> ToDo before Etch
> ================
> - Upgrade to 2.6.18 kernel
>   I plan to discuss with Joey when we should do this. It should probably
>   be done as soon as possible to get as much testing as possible.
>   Note that there is one issue that may break the installer after the
>   switch to 2.6.18: #395889
> - Check memory usage and adjust lowmem limits
> - Fix some issues in the graphical installer where possible
>   For some of these we need a new fontconfig, which was promised but never
>   uploaded; maintainer has not answered recent mails
> - Switch other arches to new floppy setup (should require only minor
>   changes)
> - Other possible changes
>   - Switch to dhcp3 (low prio)
>     This has been often discussed, but never actually tried.
>   - Recognize type of CD used so we can better ask to use mirror or not
>   - Change "expert" mode to use medium priority (?)

Add linux64 target to i386 isolinux.conf and build image with 64bit
kernel once the linux-2.6 package adds them again (bug pending).


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