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Re: D-I RC1 - release planning - update - freeze over, restrained updates

There have been some (expected) delays in getting all needed udebs into 
testing, but they are finally there. No reports of blocking issues, so 
I've just uploaded the build of debian-installer that should become RC1.

There are a few open issues, but none are severe enough that they need to 
delay RC1. Some will be listed in the errata.

So where do we go next?
I'd like to propose that we limit ourselves to changes that are really 
needed for Etch from now on: we don't really want to change breaking 
things and we also don't want to cause major work for translators.

So the freeze is lifted, but please consider carefully whether your 
commits are suitable for Etch. Any changes in trunk should be targeted at 
Etch. If you want to do any post-Etch development, that is of course 
fine, but please do so in a branch, preferably under people. However, 
spending time to test the installer and fixing issues would have my 
personal preference.

We will have at least one more release before Etch for the switch to 

Comments welcome.

ToDo before Etch
- Upgrade to 2.6.18 kernel
  I plan to discuss with Joey when we should do this. It should probably
  be done as soon as possible to get as much testing as possible.
  Note that there is one issue that may break the installer after the
  switch to 2.6.18: #395889
- Check memory usage and adjust lowmem limits
- Fix some issues in the graphical installer where possible
  For some of these we need a new fontconfig, which was promised but never
  uploaded; maintainer has not answered recent mails
- Switch other arches to new floppy setup (should require only minor
- Other possible changes
  - Switch to dhcp3 (low prio)
    This has been often discussed, but never actually tried.
  - Recognize type of CD used so we can better ask to use mirror or not
  - Change "expert" mode to use medium priority (?)

If anyone has things to add to this list, please reply.

Updated release planning
I will be traveling most of 5 and 6 Nov, so that will influence the 
release schedule somewhat.

 2   Nov  Final build and upload of d-i
 3   Nov  Switch links for daily CD images to etch_d-i
 3-5 Nov  Final testing using other and daily CD images
 4/5 Nov  Weekly full CD build
 5-9 Nov  Further testing
 3-8 Nov  Preparation of release notes, errata, etc.
 6/7 Nov  Migration of d-i to testing
 7/8 Nov  RC1 CD builds
 8/9 Nov  Release

Full CD images have already had some testing and checks based on the 
20061022 upload, though only for i386. I still think all necessary 
updates in debian-cd have now been made.
(Joey: if you'd care to check my recent commits, please do.)

Some architectures have had little or no testing so far. I'm hoping that 
they will use RC1 to do so. I also plan to discuss with Christian how 
best to ask translators to test d-i for their language, possibly with 
some instractions how.


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