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Re: BinNMU request for scim-uim

Hi Ming,

On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 08:14:08PM -0500, Ming Hua wrote:

> I requested binNMU for scim-uim a few weeks ago, and it went well.
> However it turns out to need another binNMU to adapt to the libuim1 to
> libuim3 transition.

> I am pretty sure scim-uim doesn't used the changed API (if any) in this
> transition, and I've tested a rebuild locally.  Currently uim (which
> provides the libuim3 package) is built on all arches except m68k.
> Please schedule binNMUs on all these arches.

Took me a bit to sort out my confusion on this (since there is no real
libuim1 package anywhere in the archive and libuim3 is already in testing),
but these are scheduled now, thanks.

> P.S. to Steve:  Last time I requested binNMU on this list I got your
> reply from the list but not the private reply you cc'ed me.  It is most
> likely something to do with the new spam filter on my side.  As I'm
> subscribed everything is fine, but if you were annoyed by something like
> returned mail, please let me know.

Hmm, I have no recollection of a bounce, so maybe my spam filter ate the
bounce from your spam filter. ;)

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