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Re: status update: GNUstep library transition

severity 392376 minor

On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 03:11:51PM -0400, Hubert Chan wrote:
> Ugh.  It looks like the GNUstep transition is being further held up by
> recent NMUs:
> - gnustep-netclasses

This doesn't hold anything up /further/, when this is the first build of the
package that isn't uninstallable with the new gnustep... :)  Anyway, if
the NMU itself isn't broken, this should go in with another two days of
aging.  (If it is broken, that should be documented with an RC bug.)

> - steptalk (an NMU for a bug that's only one day old???)

Er, yes.  Philip, what is the meaning of this?!  You have sponsored an NMU,
*by the bug's own submitter*, for a bug report that was only one day old and
uploaded it directly to unstable.  This blatantly violates the 0-day NMU
policy, and you've done this for a bug that isn't even RC --
libgnustep-base1.11-dev and libgnustep-gui0.10-dev both still exist as
virtual packages, so there was no build failure here at all!

Please exercise more caution when sponsoring NMUs prepared by the submitters
of bugs.  It's clear that you didn't verify this bug yourself before
uploading, and the most this upload has done is to delay the gnustep

> - cddb.bundle

>   Nothing depends on it, so it should be removable from testing for now.

Should also be ready within two days.

> vorlon, my understanding of the situation is that the removal of these
> packages from testing, along with the others I mentioned in my previous
> email (talksoup.app and meta-gnustep) should allow the transition of the
> rest of the packages into etch in a few days (assuming everything is
> built on all architectures).  Does that match your understanding as
> well?

It does appear that removing these packages from etch would let the
transition proceed, but I can't imagine why we would want to remove
meta-gnustep from testing.  That doesn't seem to make the gnustep packages
in testing more releasable than the current set.

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