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please build the mew-beta package for mips and m68k

Hi, release team,
(Cc: buildd admins for mips and m68k)

I want to update the mew-beta package for testing, but buildd for
mips and m68k don't build the mew-beta package.

The buildd status:


| m68k
| mail/mew-beta_5.1.50-1: Dep-Wait by buildd_m68k-vault13 [extra:out-of-date]
|   Dependencies: emacs21-bin-common (>= 21.4a-6)
|   Previous state was Building until 2006 Jun 12 12:43:25
| mips
| mail/mew-beta_5.1.50-1: Dep-Wait by buildd_mips-mayr [extra:out-of-date]
|   Dependencies: emacs21 (>= 21.4a-6)
|   Previous state was Building until 2006 Jun 14 16:03:34

seems that the dependency for emacs21 is blocker.  However
mew-beta 5.1.50's doesn't require emacs21 at build time. (Though old
version mew-beta 5.0.53+5.1rc1-1 bulid-depends `emacs21 | emacsen'.)

Could anyone remove the Dep-Wait status to build the mew-beta package?

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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