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Re: debugging output in apt-get update

On 2006-09-28 Jonas Meurer <jonas@freesources.org> wrote:
> apt-get update is still very verbose about the pdiff updates:

> [about 300 lines with "Get: ..."]
> Get:334 2006-09-26-1322.12.pdiff [10.7kB]
> Get:335 2006-09-26-1322.12.pdiff [10.7kB]
> if i didn't run 'apt-get update' for some weeks, i get hundreds of
> lines, three lines for each pdiff file. I hope that the verbosity
> will be reduced before etch is released.


> I would also love to see some some automatics in apt to download the
> full Packages file when pdiffs for more than, lets say two weeks
> would be needed instead.

> While load on system and network is reduced for frequent apt-get
> update runs with pdiff support, it increases for infrequent updates.

I disagree with the "two weeks". Two weeks of pdiff is currently
500 KB to 1 MB for sid/main. Even the complete set of pdiffs available
on the mirrors ftp.at.d.o or ftp.de.d.o currently[1] (July 3rd -
September 29th) is *smaller* than Packages.bz2 for sid/main. 3,362,469
versus 4,376,619. Therefore using all available diffs is the correct
choice when minimizing download volume is the priority. OTOH if your
internet connection is free and fast, switching off pdiffs if
you only run apt-get update every third date is probably faster than
using pdiffs.

cu andreas

[1] ftp.d.o carries pdiffs back to the beginning of June, which are
indeed bigger than Packages.gz (about 7 MB), I do not know why. - All
/mirrors/ I checked (de, uk, at, cz, au) only carried three months.
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