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debugging output in apt-get update


apt-get update is still very verbose about the pdiff updates:

[about 300 lines with "Get: ..."]
Get:334 2006-09-26-1322.12.pdiff [10.7kB]
Get:335 2006-09-26-1322.12.pdiff [10.7kB]
Get:336 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [4821B]
Get:337 2006-09-26-1322.12.pdiff [10.7kB]
Get:338 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [4821B]
Get:339 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [4821B]
Get:340 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [1720B]
Get:341 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [1720B]
Get:342 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [1720B]
Get:343 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [27.4kB]
Get:344 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [27.4kB]
Get:345 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [27.4kB]
Get:346 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [8054B]
Get:347 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [8054B]
Get:348 2006-09-27-1319.38.pdiff [8054B]
Fetched 1313kB in 1m10s (18.5kB/s)
Reading package lists... Done

if i didn't run 'apt-get update' for some weeks, i get hundreds of
lines, three lines for each pdiff file. I hope that the verbosity
will be reduced before etch is released.

I would also love to see some some automatics in apt to download the
full Packages file when pdiffs for more than, lets say two weeks
would be needed instead.

While load on system and network is reduced for frequent apt-get
update runs with pdiff support, it increases for infrequent updates.


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