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Re: How to deal with teTeX's and texlive's RC licensing bugs

Hi Steve!

On Don, 28 Sep 2006, Steve Langasek wrote:
> A statement that "the work must be DFSG-compliant to be accepted" is not the
> same thing as saying "this tarball is distributed under license <foo>". 
> It's the latter that introduces ambiguity.

To cite from TeX live's "COPYING CONDITIONS":

To the best of our knowledge, all software in this distribution is
freely redistributable (libre, that is, not necessarily gratis), within
the Free Software Foundation's definition and Debian Free Software
Guidelines.  If you find any non-free files included, please contact us
(references given below).

What does this mean? Anyway, we are trying to track down all those
problematic files and there is (IMHO) a good response, but as Frank
said, and this is valid on much greater level for TeX live due to its
huge size, there are probably always files to be found which are just so
plain old that at the time of writing nobody cared for stating anything
in the file about licenses.

Best wishes


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