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Re: postgresql transition/upgrade strategy


Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt [2006-09-11 18:39 +0200]:
> Peter Eisentraut <peter_e@gmx.net> writes:
> > Because of the transition to the multi-version postgresql packaging, we will 
> > have the situation in etch that someone who just does "apt-get install 
> > postgresql" (as has been the custom for many years) will always end up with 
> > the old version 7.4 instead of the newer 8.1.
> [...]
> > A couple of ideas that have been thrown around:
> >
> > - Prevent new installations of postgresql (without -x.y); allow only upgrades.
> >
> > - Depend on both 7.4 and 8.1.
> Depend on postgresql-8.1 | postgresql-7.4? 

That does not work. The 'postgresql' package in Etch (with the fake
7.5.x version number) is specifically designed to automatically
transition the Sarge 7.4 database (in Package postgresql) to the new
multiversion infrastructure; for that it *must* depend on

Starting from Etch+1 I will ask to entirely remove the transitional
package, this should remove the ambiguity as well (then there are only
postgresql-X.Y packages, and preferably only one major version again
in each release).

I see no way to sensibly install postgresql from scratch in Etch. The
only thing that would make sense to me is to add a debconf note to
preinst if the postgresql package is installed from scratch and let
the installation fail. All other proposals I heard so far are worse or
not possible.

So, what do you think about the debconf/fail hack?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts,


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