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Re: Meeting Minutes from the latest SRM meeting

Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
>    - Time based release:
>      We spoke about the idea of a time based release for r4. Anthony and Julien
>      think it is a too short time frame, but we should try this experiment, and
>      the speak with cd-vendors after r4, so we get better impression. Release
>      date of r4 set to ~16th of October.

What do you want to achieve with talking to CD vendors?  They'll need
at least half a year between updates so that they can produce cheap
and sell their sets.  This collides with the Debian goal to let
updates flow into the stable releases after a not too long time.  You
can't achieve both goals.

When you talk to CD vendors, please don't emphasize on r* at all.
These should merely small updates and not a reason to restart
producing CDs/DVDs again.  Only when the vendor needs to produce a new
disk set they should use the most recent images from Debian.

>    - Point-Releases for oldstable:
>      We talked about point releases for oldstable. Martin is willing to do that
>      with beginning of etch=stable. Anthony stated that this needs to be
>      implemented on dak side, but is straightforward, though. Details of this
>      point were skipped for this meeting however.

Finally...  That would be great.



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